Free Game Friday: You’ve got a job to do

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Games are often about escape, about trying to get away from life for a few hours to enjoy yourself in a fantasy world, but this week we’ve got games about work. Sometimes it’s a traditional job you’ve got to do and sometimes it’s a job you could only get in games, but all of them ask you to roll up your sleeves and get to work.


In Canvasser you play as the most hated of urban inconveniences: the canvasser. You’ve got to stop people on the street, explain your cause and try and get the donations you need so you don’t lose your job. While that might not sound like the most fun concept for a game Canvasser manages to make the game surprisingly enjoyable while still capturing the basic boredom of the job.

Get the Potato

Get the Potato asks you to do one simple thing: get the potato. It then proceeds to make that job increasingly un-simple. In fact, it eventually gets to be borderline impossible to get a simple potato. But that’s okay; if a job gets too simple it ceases to be fun, and as the game asks you to run, jump and destroy your way to a potato it only gets more enjoyable.

Watergate the Game

Watergate the Game is fairly self-explanatory. It’s an adventure game where you play as Bob Woodward and you’re tasked with investigating a break-in at the Watergate Hotel, eventually brining down the president of the United States. The game takes some liberties with the actual history (at least I don’t recall Bob Woodward getting into a life-or-death battle with Nixon in the Oval Office) but it also plays it surprisingly straight at points and showcases a deep knowledge of the actual case, even when it goes into severely trippy territory.

ASDF: Escape to Vegas

ASDP: Escape to Vegas is technically a game about running away from your job, but it makes the cut because beating it takes WORK. You control four characters at once, holding down the ASDF keys to indicate which characters you want to control with the four arrow keys and then try and navigate them across incredibly deadly levels you’ll need to work together to get our of. The control scheme is awkward, the puzzles are fiendish and even the first level is brutally unforgiving. Try it, it’s fun!


Snaaaake! gives you the simple task of destroying the world. Okay, I guess that isn’t really a job. But it still asks you to roll up your sleeves an—wait no, snakes don’t have arms. Okay so it’s just a game where you’re a giant snake causing untold amounts of property damage. But that’s a pretty awesome premise, and Snaaaaake! lives up to it with fast, fun gameplay and plenty of new stuff to destroy each level along with special tasks you can take on to multiply your destructive score.

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