UDOO is quad-core computer-on-a-stick that also does everything Arduino


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Arduino microcontrollers are great for anything from little DIY hardware projects to full-on robots. Meanwhile, ARM-based developer boards and mini PCs like the Raspberry Pi have let us created all sorts of awesome compact computer-on-a-stick mods, including ones that can turn every monitor into a Smart TV.

But what if you could have a board that does both at the same time? Enter the UDOO, a hybrid ARM developer board that can also handle all your Arduino projects at the same time.

UDOO is a mini PC board that can run either Android Ice Cream Sandwich or a full Linux OS. It can do this because it has either a dual- or quad-core ARM i.MX6 Freescale CPU running at 1GHz with 1GB of memory. In terms of power, the quad-core version outpaces everything including AMD’s own Gizmo Board, which has a 1GHz dual core processor. Meanwhile, it completely trounces the more affordable—though less powerful—Raspberry Pi, as well as the recently released BeagleBone.

The UDOO also comes complete with HDMI, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, SATA for hard drives, multiple USB ports, a microSD card slot, as well as a headphone and microphone jacks. It really is a mini PC that’s just missing a case at this point.

On the Arduino front, UDOO has a completely separate ARM Cortex-M3 CPU—the same one found on a Arduino Due—along with 76 GPIO pin outs for all your LEDs, Arduino shields, and other random DIY nicknacks.


The UDOO is currently a super successful Kickstarter project that’s just about smashed past its original goal about 24 times now. But you should act fast if you still want one because funding on this amazing project will close on June 8.

If you want to get you hands on your own hybrid prototyping board, you can get one with a dual core processor for $109; meanwhile, the quad-core version comes at $129. The UDOO boards should arrive to backers in September.

[UDOO (Kickstarter) via Hack a Day]

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