Microsoft Readying Realtime Phone-Console Multiplayer

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Windows Phone 7

Forget PC-console multiplayer, how about live phone-console gaming instead?

That's what's in the offing for Windows Phone 7, according to a Canadian Microsoft employee who apparently let the company plans slip to tech site rgbfilter at Microsoft's X10 event in Toronto.

The salient bit starts at 10:27 in the video.

"So, initially we're turn-by-turn-based," says the Microsoft rep in response to a question from rgbfilter. (As we noted in an earlier story, turn-by-turn refers to phone-to-phone play.)

"We are working on realtime phone-to-console, likely initially through Wi-Fi, and operator networks are sensitive to that," continues the rep. "That's not on day one. Day one will be turn-by-turn as well as companion-type gaming where you play a level on the phone and it may unlock a level or a weapon or some special achievement on the console game."

"But yeah, absolutely working on phone-to-console realtime. That is something we're working on and expect to have in the near future."

So there you have it. It won't be available when the phone launches in early October, but it's "absolutely" in the works.

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