Free Game Friday: Master the art of quick reaction times

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To be the ultimate gamer you must sculpt the perfect body and mind. Alright, so that's not entirely true, but it does help to hone your reaction times and quick critical thinking skills to get out of those sticky situations. Here are some free games that can be your workout regiment to train for those big titles announced at E3 this year.

Bullet Time Ninja

Sensei says "Live dangerously!"

As a ninja your greatest skill is defying the laws of physics to zip around danger and dash through the air at breakneck speeds. In order to use this skill effectively, though, you must learn control.

Bullet Time Ninja will get you into sensei shape as you leap and dash around flames and spikes to make your way through puzzle-platformer levels to get to some ancient scrolls. Activate your bullet time to perform an extra jump and give yourself that extra split second to think clearly. Reload your bullet time by putting yourself in a dangerous position and continue your teleporting-like abilities.

If you can make it through the two worlds made up of individual levels, you will truly be on the path of a sensei.

Boxhead: The Rooms

Danger: Zombie hugs may be hazardous to your health.

You'd think that all you needed for a zombie apocalypse was a near infinite cache of high-grade weapons. You're wrong though—its going to take cunning, quick thinking and a sharp reaction time (as well as that near infinite cache of high-grade weapons).

Boxhead: The Rooms puts your blocky character into precarious areas as box-headed zombies begin to stumble in from all angles at an alarming rate. They're slow and sparse at first but quickly grow out of control the more you manage to dispatch.

Rack up the points to unlock more weapons and perks such as a rapid-firing rocket launcher or infinite Uzi ammunition. Those types of things come in handy to fight the horde. Last as long as you can!


Aliens have no regard for their own safety.

You don't have time to sit down for a long drawn out game, getting involved in controls, story or advanced game play. Perfect. Load up ImpossiBattle during your coffee break and prepare to lose 10 seconds of your life—if you can manage to quit after you lose.

It looks a lot like the classic arcade game, Galaga, but the gamplay is even more simple. Your ship automatically shoots—at a slow pace—while alien ships come hurtling at you without hesitation. Use your mouse to sway left and right to avoid getting hit and collect orbs that destroyed aliens drop. Collect enough and your ship will automatically upgrade to shoot faster or gather bombs as the enemies get quick, stronger and trickier.

I've yet to make it past 12 to 13 seconds.

Music Catch 2

This game is so relaxing it may put you to sleep.

You've finished the rest of those hectic, frustrating games. You deserve a moment of relaxation to wind down. Music Catch 2 is the perfect choice to find your Zen and still hone your reaction skills.

Use your mouse cursor to collect shapes for points as a gentle song plays. Blue notes give you basic points, yellow notes add on to a multiplier, purple notes grant a special power and red notes will cut your multiplier in half. The larger your multiplier gets the larger your cursor becomes, adding to the challenge.

Gather enough points to unlock more options such as music, shapes or the pattern and motion of the shapes.

The smooth classical tones and the gently swaying neon notes made for a really relaxing experience—I think it's time for a nap.

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