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If your mom always told you that games would turn your brain into mush—it's time to prove her wrong. Grab your thinking caps and bump up your IQ with these free mind-tingling games that are sure to get you into tip-top Jeopardy shape.


Combine your love of maps and taking wild guesses with this fun Chrome experiment, GeoGuessr.

Where the heck am I?

You get a picture from Google's Street View where you can scroll around 360 degrees and move up and down the street for a better look. The challenge is to make a selection on a world map of where you think you are. A line is drawn from the point you guessed to the actual location and you are awarded points based on how close you were.

Use things like architecture, coastlines, language on signs and the landscape to make the best educated guess you can—then learn just how wrong you were. After 5 scenes your score is totalled and all your guesses are laid out on a map. One time I managed to get all the continents correct—pretty proud of that.

Timeline: Inventions

This is a web-based adaption of the board game by the same name. Timeline: Inventions hands out a list of randomized inventions with one on the table as a starting point. From your list you must choose where in the timeline it was invented. Did scissors exist before the spear? What came first, the pencil or blue jeans? Test your knowledge of history and I bet you'll be surprised.

Man, scissors are old.

It's best to play with other people since there are no scores given for playing alone, though it's still a fun little time-waster. You can play with up to 6 people, 5 of which can be a computer with varying difficulty. The more players there are the more the table gets crowded—and the difficulty ramps up.

Unblock Me Free (iOS and Android)

Remember those little puzzles you get from Chuck-E-Cheese with the sliding tiles that were all scrambled up? They're back—virtually—with Unblock Me on iOS and Android.

Tougher than it looks.

Shift around rectangular blocks to release the special red one from the map. Unlike the annoying tile-sliding game you got for 20 tickets, this game has multiple levels that scale up in difficulty, making it significantly more fun than that thing you would have just ended up breaking.

While you're sitting there frustratedly staring at the screen, your brain will be getting its daily workout. Just don't stare too long or the people around you may start to grow concerned as you start to sweat from all the stress. While the game itself is simple, the challenge ramps up with every level and it's fun to try and solve each puzzle in as few moves as possible—honest!


Math haters beware—Brainie is Tetris fused with the order of operations.

Boxes of numbers fall from the top of an area. Select any combination of them to equal the number at the top of the screen. The more numbers you use the less you have to deal with as they pile up on one another. If the boxes reach the top, the game ends.

Too many numbers, too little time.

Use boxes of the same color to get a bonus, and if you're in a tight spot use one of the TNT boxes that fall to take out every box of one color.

As the levels progress you'll start dealing with negative numbers, multipliers and (gulp) division signs. All the boxes you select are in order, so you cant start out with a divider or multiplier, making the game just a little trickier. Seriously—my brain hurts.

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