Qualcomm Releasing New Smartphone Processors All Over The Place

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This week, processor manufacturer Qualcomm expanded their lineup with breaking news and new additions to the Snapdragon family.  Alongside releasing a new set of processors in the Snapdragon 200 range, they also unveiled long awaited details on the high-end 800 series Snapdragon processor, and revealed where we'll be able to find it.  Qualcomm is already an industry leader known for powering many of the most popular smartphones on the market, including the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4, LG Optimus Pro, Nokia Lumia, and others.

The Snapdragon 200 class of processors is designed for efficient performance in lower-spec smartphones compared to the devices that run on the more advanced 400, 600, and S4 chips.  Six new dual- and quad-core chips are being added to the Snapdragon 200 lineup that will reportedly target emerging markets.  They now support 4G LTE as well as HSPA+ and TD-SCDMA, essential technologies for smartphones in China.  The new chips will also support Windows Phone operating system.

Parallel to that announcement, Qualcomm did a demonstration of the prowess of its new Snapdragon 800 processor, which was announced at CES in January. Qualcomm has indicated that the Snapdragon 800 will be as much as a 75% improvement in speed over the S4, which powers high-end devices like the Nokia Lumia 620 and LG Optimus G.  The consensus of Tuesday’s demonstration was that the Snapdragon 800 will likely live up to its hype.  Built for premium devices, the 800 series has a quad-core CPU, Adreno 330 GPU, and integrated 4G LTE.

Also this week, in a joint announcement from Qualcomm and LG, it was confirmed that LG’s yet-to-be-released LG Optimus G2 will run on the Snapdragon 800.  LG expects their hotly anticipated device to “redefine the smartphone experience through stunning performance, rich graphics and outstanding battery efficiency.”  We’ll have to wait at least a couple more months to find out if they’re right, as the G2 is slated for UK Q3 release.

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