How to slaughter zombies with household technology

Many of the tech gadgets we have lying around can be readily converted into lethal weapons for fighting the undead.

The ultimate kill shot

World War Z hits theaters today, but you’ve seen its threat before: A zombie apocalypse takes over the world, and the only way to stop the flesh-eating humanoids is to deliver a swift kill shot to the head. If you don’t, you’ll risk being eaten alive—or turning into a zombie yourself. So what’s the best way to destroy these brain-hungry, flesh-eating gourmands? Luckily, many of the tech gadgets we have lying around can be readily converted into lethal weapons for fighting the undead.

Like the MacBook Air flying wedge: Make use of the Air’s lightweight design by turning it into a deadly weapon. Sharpen its edges and use the notebook to slice off the heads of zombie attackers. Be sure to throw it like a Frisbee for ultimate destruction.

Garage door guillotine

Fasten a sharp piece of metal to the bottom of your garage door, and speed up the motor in the automatic garage door opener. Now tempt the zombies with bait (pig brains will always work). When the zombie comes staggering up to take the bait, slam the garage door down on the top of its head guillotine-style for a sure skull-splitting kill shot every time. Kills up to six zombies at once if they line up right.

DIY stabbing device

Have an old cell phone lying around? Of course you do. Break it open, grab its circuit board, and sharpen down one of the edges by scraping it against a stone. Next, affix the sharpened circuit board to the end of a broom handle. Voila! Homemade spear. You can use circuit boards from any device, as long as you’ve sharpened them. The more boards you can fasten to the broom handle, the better. Or keep a spare handy in case the original gets permanently lodged into a zombie skull.

Drone-released acid bath

Take an app-controlled flying drone, like the Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter, and affix acid-filled containers to it. Use the app running on your smartphone to carefully fly the drone over the oncoming zombies, spilling acid over them as it flies. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Nexus Q cannon

Many of us are still trying to figure out what to actually do with those weird, orby media streamers that Google gave away at Google I/O last year. The heavy round Nexus Q looked cool, but the device never came to market. Enter the coming zombie apocalypse, which presents us with the Nexus Q’s true killer app. Just use a cannon to fire them at the heads of approaching zombies. They're certainly heavy enough to crush semi-decomposed skulls.

Stunning iPhone case

Yellow Jacket’s stun gun case for iPhone has an electric current that can be used as a mini stun gun. Shock zombies that get too close with 650,000 volts of electricity. While this won’t destroy a zombie, it will slow it down until you can issue a head shot with a better tool.

Self-driving zombie-killing car

Presumably, there won’t be much surveillance once the zombies take over, so nicking a Google self-driving car shouldn’t be too difficult, right? To the top of the car, attach zombie-detection sensors, along with a gun that fires shrapnel at neck-level. Program the sensors and gun to work in tandem before sending the car on its way. Sensors detect zombies, and then trigger the gun to fire. Messy, but effective.

Eye burnouts

These small laser devices use a strong beam of light to burn out the eyes of zombies. This doesn't kill them, but it renders them helpless and vulnerable to headshots they can’t see coming.

Roomba street sweeper

Get your Roomba out from under the couch and put it to work. Outfit the lovable carpet cleaner with motion-detection software and an on-board bomb to make it the perfect tool for killing crowds of zombies. When the Roomba detects a certain amount of bodies within the blast radius, it detonates, melting scores of the undead to nothing.

Acid-spitting smart watch

Wearable tech inventors, take note: An acid-spitting smart watch would be an amazing tool for killing the walking dead. Picture it. You hold up your wrist, issue a voice command, and a concentrated jet of acid disintegrates the zombie’s entire head, or most of it. Beautiful.

Kiss of destruction

Imagine human-sized robots with a fetish for the undead—sort of like killer, zombie-seeking Fembots. These amorous robots would have a remote-controlled kiss of death, so when smooching on a zombie, a small bomb would be passed from the robot’s mouth to the zombie’s mouth. A few seconds later . . . Kerpow! Zombie head disintegrated. (Hey, if "Warm Bodies"—a romantic comedy about a human girl and zombie boy falling in love—is possible, so is this.)

Flash ‘em

Disorient zombies by using your phone’s camera flash or flashlight app. Hopefully, this will slow them down enough for you to quickly calculate your next finishing move.

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