Ice cube trays for the geek with extra freezer space

Chill your summer drinks with frozen robots, Star Wars figures, Legos, and other staples of geek culture.

Coolness cubed

This summer, you may find yourself sweating uncomfortably in a patio chair, hoping there is some way to chill out while still letting your geek flag fly.

Not to worry. Check out this collection of imaginative and nerdly ice cube trays that will provide you an incentive to set up another round of cold drinks.

Let's start with everyone's favorite: Legos!

Stack 'em high

Good luck with your igloo fortress. It's like a time trial: You must build it before every Lego melts.

Amazon | $8

A cuter Death Star

Remember when it destroyed Alderaan? That was pretty cold.

Amazon | $14

Stone-cold Droids

Manufacture an Android robot army that swarms iPhones and ruins them with water damage.

Dead Zebra | $12

Your best friend from Portal

Throw a Companion Cube into your glass, set up a mock Chamber 17 obstacle course made from living room furniture, and fall in love with the Cube all over again—before submitting it to your fireplace "incinerator."

ThinkGeek | $13

Where no cube has gone before

Picard drinks "Earl Grey, hot." If you want to passive-aggressively set someone off at your next Trekkie gathering, point out the awesome cubes in your iced tea.

Entertainment Earth | $15

Han's so cool, he's frozen

In this version, when you apply heat to free him, Han also melts away with the carbonite. It's okay, your tears will mix into the puddle.

ThinkGeek | $10

Frostbitten pac-dots?

Put Pac-Man in one drink and a ghost in the other. Now that's just cheating.

Newegg | $10

The robot is key

You can wind him up all you want, but all you'll get is frosty looks.

Amazon | $8

Ice and Tetris just fit together

How you know you've won: the blocks are so closely packed, you can't pour liquid in the glass.

Newegg | $10

Being invaded? Keep your cool.

Unlike the original game, where aliens descend as you race against the clock, now you just...yeah, you pretty much just wait for them to melt.

Amazon | $12

Weather app predicts it will be icy

Wonder if an Apple designer got inspiration from his ice tray?

Tonyk Toys | $8

Add some dismemberment to your drink

Assemble your own frozen zombies from The Walking Dead.

They're surprisingly less frightening when immobile.

Amazon | $13

Alien head

You're allowed to have drinks with these only if you use an inner set of jaws.

Newegg | $8


We've calculated how long it will take for visitors to realize that you're a nerd after seeing this in your freezer. The results aren't too good.

Amazon | $12

This is a lot of "Likes"

If you're feeling lonely, freeze these disembodied hands, and set up the saddest game of "Heads Up, Seven Up" ever imagined.

Shop Jeen | $6

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