Japan Tests Out Judgemental Touchscreen Vending Machines

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A railway station in Japan has been testing out the latest in the touchscreen craze, with a slight twist.

Only customers in Shinagawa’s Train Station are being treated to the 47-inch touchscreen drink vendors, which display a virtual row of drink options and price information. Customers can also zoom into a product to get more information.

The vending company JR East Water Business Co. can monitor each vending machine, too, since they're controlled by a centralized server. This also means that customers don’t have to pay with just coins or notes.

However, according to Japan Probe, the vending machines also give the customer a recommendation based on how they look.

Er, right.

Be sure to watch a video from Japanese news show Mezamashi TV on how the vending machine works.

If the video is anything to go by, after the customer makes their choice the machine will recommend a drink they should have bought. When it detects a man, it recommends a sports drink, and if it’s a woman it recommends tea. Both sexes are recommended water. Though at the moment it’s only 75% accurate at guessing sex, so don’t be too insulted if it guesses wrong.

When not in use the vending machines display advertising depending on time of day or season.

Manufacturers aim to have 500 more of the touchscreens around the country in the next 2 years, but how long until they go international? Hopefully not too long, as these appear to make getting snacks on the go a lot quicker.

[via Japan Probe]

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