Wood you kindly Lego of my homemade cable car?

A group of students in Switzerland have combined Lego Mindstorms, lasers, and a PlayStation 3 controller in order to create a ridiculously awesome cable car for a school project.

According to the students, the goal of the project was “to develop a system [that] can collect and transport "building material" to the summit station of a cable car.” As the cable car travels up the man-made mountain, it scoops up small wooden blocks that serve as the building material, then drops them off at the peak.

In order to propel the car up the incline, the students equipped it with three Lego Mindstorms NXT motors and three servos. The team wrote custom software for controlling the cable car using RobotC, a programming language for robotics. The one thing we still don’t know is whether or not these students got an A, because anything less would be disappointing.

[YouTube via Make]

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