Free Game Friday: What the heck?

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Some games make you stop, think and go "hmmm." Then there are the tons of creative games out there by some goofball creators that make you go "huh?"

They're usually worth a look—even though the game may not make sense or follow some comfortable conformity that you're used to, the experience will be a breath of fresh air.

Frog Fractions

You get the feeling this was a programmer's decent into madness as he tried to create a simple math tutoring game for kids. After some trials and tribulations you can tell he gave up—hard. Thus Frog Fractions was born.

An homage to Star Fox? Sign me up!

Start your day as any frog would, sitting on a lilypad and protecting your fruit from bugs that try to eat it all up. As you use your sticky tongue to eat the bugs and protect the fruit you get a score in fraction form. Each bug can be worth anything from 3/4 to 9/5.

Don't worry though, you don't need to know math and in fact scores and collectables become completely irrelevant as you start upgrading your frog with cybernetic capabilities and your lily-pad becomes a dragon with a warp drive. Seriously. Go on to fight the bug menace on their own planet and partake in a bunch of different game genres—including a text adventure.

Don't Escape

When you wake up in an unfamiliar room with a serious case of amnesia and a door that just won't open—you know what to do. Scavenge around for whatever looks out of the ordinary and pick up anything you can. The golden rule is if you can pick it up, it must be important.

Boarded windows should help from letting me escape...I hope.

Don't Escape changes the game a bit though: the doors aren't locked, you remember everything and you're free to go. However, the goal is just the opposite. Find a way to restrain yourself before dusk comes and turns you into a werewolf that will likely murder half the town while the other half mercilessly hunts you down.

Gather supplies and check every nook and cranny to whip up a potion to quell the beast, rope to restrain yourself and a lock to hopefully keep you in. Prepare enough precautions and you may be able to tire yourself out instead of causing a slaughter.


If you're in for a mind meld of an experience, chances are AntiChromatic will be weird, difficult and cerebral enough to keep you busy for a long time.

Reminiscent of Portal, just less colors and more dimensions.

The world is shattered and both a black and white dimension exists—which you can jump between freely. Some objects and enemies only exist in one or the other, creating a puzzle platformer that takes some thinking outside of the box to excel at.

This isn't a typical linear progression either. You'll be going forwards, backwards, knocking down walls and circling back to puzzles you couldn't get past before without some nifty new trick up your sleeve. The only encouragement I can give is good luck keeping your brain straight while switching dimensions during a mid-air jump.

I saw her standing there. But then she was a Zombie.

Love is kind, unwavering and really, really strange—especially when it comes to the undead. It's the classic love story of a black stick figure guy that falls in love with the pink one and then she turns into a zombie and chases him. So he locks her in a cage. For love. So hop to it.

I'd do anything for love—even if she's undead.

Grab her attention and run her around some tricky platforming levels as she obediently and hungrily follows you around. Other zombies will make their debut and you'll have to use your wit and quick reactions to dispose of or simply avoid them and get your undead girl back to her love cage.

A cute story line and awesome soundtrack is there to boot for those that love some quirk to their unconventional love stories.

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