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You've got the chops to run the show and you're ready to prove it. What better way than with some silly free games on the internet? Go ahead and do it at work—then show your boss your high score to prove you have real drive and initiative. We can guarantee* you a promotion!

*We can't guarantee you a promotion and you may get canned for slacking off at work.

Recordshop Tycoon

It's never been a better time to open up a brick-and-mortar record shop! What's that? What the heck is iTunes?? Anyway, live out the 80's and 90's dream with Recordshop Tycoon.

More customers mean more money—and the need for more stock.

Buy some property in a bad neighborhood, buy some CDs in the genre of your choice and start selling. As you make more money you can buy more stock to fit a wider taste, upgrade items to be more efficient and even move out of the slums to get to where the real retail action is.

Of course CDs don't just sell themselves. You'll need to budget in advertising and cheaper prices to get customers in the door and make them happy. Good karma means returning patrons. If you're low on stock, have outrageous prices, don't have the popular genre or make them wait in line you're going to see some angry faces.

Caribbean Admiral

Pirates have had the spotlight for far too long and it's time they got what's coming. Battle them back from the tropical ports in Caribbean Admiral.

Fight on the high seas—turn-based style.

Once a captain of a great fleet of pirate-stopping ships, you lost them all in a battle with a ghost ship. Yar—it blew, and now you have to start over from the ground up. Get yourself a new vessel, just big enough for the rats it's infested with, and take on pirates for more booty and notoriety.

Eventually, with enough money and proper management, you can grow your fleet back into a mighty force that makes pirates shake at the knees. Get yourself some upgrades to become stronger than ever.

But will it be enough to fight off that mystical ghost ship, or will you be walking the plank again?

Tentacle Wars 2: The Purple Menace

So you've been a record store owner and an Admiral—what's your next employment endeavor? Managing a group of aggressive, conquering microbes of course.

Addicting and gross. Microbes need to feed!

Your little green microbes will shoot out tentacles to either attack or supply another microbe. Overpower them with larger numbers and you will take it over. It will then start producing more power and give you another jumping off point too tentacle up more microbes. Control all of the microbes to control the zone and win.

It gets pretty hairy when they start to introduce multiple opponents and a huge cluster of microbes in later levels, you better hope your microbe, er, micro-management skills are up to the task.

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