Secure location sharing with Glympse for smartphones

Glympse map
Nick Barber

Running late for a meet up with friends or an appointment? Share a location securely and for a limited time period with smartphone application Glympse. It’s a free download for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry.

Glympse appNick Barber
Glympse lets you share your location securely, and for a limited time period.

First make sure GPS is enabled on the smartphone. Upon opening the app, select Send Glympse. The app pulls from the phone’s contact list so users can select an email or phone number. After selecting the recipient, choose how long the Glympse will last—from 15 minutes to four hours. When the Glympse expires, users won’t be able to track the account any longer. The creator of the Glympse can also set it to expire upon arrival at the destination.

Glympse mapNick Barber
An example of the map that recipients of a Glympse might see.

Once the Glympse has been set, the sender can cancel the Glympse prematurely, extend it in 15-minute increments or modify it by adding or changing a destination.

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