It wouldn't be summer without a new Insane Clown Posse infomercial on the Web

Insane Clown Posse
YouTube / PsychopathicVideo

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Like the early winter visit from jolly Saint Nick or the first blooms of spring, few annual events bring as much joy or renew the human spirit as much as the yearly web infomercial from clown-rap duo, The Insane Clown Posse.

You need not be a fan of the unfathomably successful music act or have any plans to attend their annual Gathering of The Juggalos festival to bathe in the glory of their infomercials.

Since 2009, the group’s typically half-hour long commercials have become viral staples. The gleefully bizarre (and usually sophomoric—so, you should probably not watch it while at work if your coworkers are offended by the type of language you tend to find in rap lyrics) videos promote the bizarre collage of culture that is the annual Gathering.

The commercials promote a steady parade of rap and rock acts no one has ever heard of alongside wrestling matches, carnival rides, has-been actors (who sometimes wrestle), and even seminars(!)—all under a vague overarching philosophy of brotherhood and togetherness. The infomercials have so ingrained themselves into pop culture that they have become Saturday Night Live parody fodder on numerous occasions.

But rather than shy away from the mocking attention the commercials have invited, the ICP crew has embraced the ridicule and transformed their ads into relatively slickly produced endeavors.

For this year’s entry, but the team have created a cable news broadcast featuring ICP’s Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope dressed as news anchors (but still in signature clown make-up). You'll notice that the time in the bottom right-hand quarter remains on 4:20 PM through the entire broadcast (that’s the intended audience here).

If you're spending this Monday arguing with your friends about the politics of last night's premiere of The Newsroom, the ICP infomercial may not be for you. However, for those who have ever giggled at bathroom stall graffiti or know what a Sharknado is, this next half hour is for you!

Thank you, you crazy clowns.

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