Free Game Friday: Brick-a-palooza

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Who doesn't love to smash stuff up? One of the best games ever made was a ball just hurtling into bricks and breaking them. It's cathartic and a great release from the stresses of the world—and a great way to hone your reflexes. Check out the games below for some good brick smashing—or building.


If you're trying to define "meta" to one of your friends and you just can't find the words, maybe load up some BRICK[bricksmash]SMASH.

You'll immediately be familiar with it as the classic game Breakout, using a Pong-like platform and a square ball to bust bricks. As soon as you start, though, you'll notice something odd about the bricks though: They are mini games of Breakout as well!

Yo dog, I heard you liked Breakout.

Your mouse controls the main platform as well as every single one inside the bricks. Every brick starts without a ball inside, but if you hit a brick with the main ball it spawns a ball inside that brick to smash the smaller bricks. It's basically a gigantic game of Brickception, except if you manage to smash all the bricks inside of a brick it will bust open and spawn two extra balls for you to juggle in the main playing field. You can lose balls inside the cubes with no penalty, but lose the balls in the main playing field and you lose!

Wonderfl: Break Particle

This brick-buster isn't the most polished, and if you're prone to seizures and epilepsy you may want to stay away—but it sure is pretty. Wonderfl is a site where anyone can build little flash games right in their browser—very popular with the Japanese. The actual title of the game is パーティクル崩し which is Japanese for "Break Particle" according to Google.

Play the game, then modify it.

The challenge is simple: play breakout against all the hues of the color spectrum where every single one spawn a new, pixel-sized ball. This isn't really a game you can win, just more of a crazy spectacle as colors come raining down and bounce back up—just to rain more colors down.

If you're feeling like a hacker, take the source code and modify it to your liking. Be warned though—making the platform bigger will create a lot more havoc, and may eventually crash your browser with the amount of colorful objects flying all over.

Brick Yard 2

You've done enough breaking for the day—it's time to do something "constructive." Brick Yard 2 will have you building to the heavens, though apparently the area's safety codes are pretty lax.

I am no architect.

Use a crane to pick up different Tetris-like pieces and place them on top of one another to go as high as you can. Different stages will have challenges (one throws square blocks at your building!) and a limited number of bricks to use.

There's a ton of levels and even some stuff to unlock like more slots to open for better brick choices. Rotate, maneuver and pray as you place one block on top of the next and helplessly watch as your tower sways, slumps and crumbles because of poor placement choices. Then start over!

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