I scream, you scream, for free delivered ice cream

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Finally, technology is solving the world’s real problems: bringing cold, delicious ice cream right to your door so you don’t have to put on shoes—or pants. It’s National Ice Cream Month, and to raise awareness of the cream that is iced, a couple of startups are adding it to their delivery menus. We are living in a world where even the smallest of purchases can become an on-demand item ordered from an app, and whatever that says about us as a society...who cares, I'm getting ice cream.

First up, today at 2pm, San Francisco and Seattle users (New York too, but I probably didn’t warn you in time) can log into the Postmates app for iOS, look for the #SundaeLove store, and order a free ice cream party pack, containing two pints, a scoop, sprinkles, those delightful wafer cookies, and even a fake mustache and hat so you can pretend to be the gelato man. You still have to pay the regular delivery fee, but the rest of the package is gratis.

If you miss out today (they only have a limited supply—ice cream and fake mustaches don’t grow on trees, you know), look for the return of the #SundaeLove store this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, select Pint, and you’ll get a free pint delivered for a flat $4.99 delivery fee. OK, sure, that’s about what a pint costs at the corner store, but at least you didn’t have to get it yourself.

If you've got some money to throw around but you're still too lazy to schlep to an actual retail establishment, Uber is ready to chauffeur ice cream directly into the gaping maws of 33 cities in 10 countries on Friday, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time. Check out the list here, including 22 American cities from Seattle to Miami, plus a handful of destinations across Europe, as well as Melbourne, Singapore, and Sydney. (Yes, where it is technically winter. But still gorgeous, I’m sure.)

All you have to do to get a special Uber ice cream truck to bring you frozen treats is to fire up the iPhone or Android app, and look for Ice Cream under the little option bar. Again, supplies are limited, so just keep trying if at first you don’t succeed. And it isn't free—far from it, actually. The price list ranges from $30 for 5 people in most cities, to the low of $10 for 4 people in Houston. Still, you can order an ice cream truck from an app. That's pretty cool.

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