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The Android Market description for the Peggy app declares, "THIS IS NOT PEGGLE!" Sadly, that's all too true. Peggle is an extremely popular and addictive game available for Microsoft's Xbox Live and Apple mobile devices, among other platforms. Inventive but simple, Peggle involves firing a ball to hit blue and orange pegs; the object is to clear the stage by hitting all the orange pegs. Peggy is somewhat like Peggle in that the player must shoot a ball to clear pegs, but unfortunately the similarities end there.

Aesthetically Peggy leaves a lot to be desired, and the garish backgrounds for the stages quickly become an eyesore as they're recycled with each stage. The music, at least, is unmemorable rather than distractingly bad. The uninspired stage designs never provide interesting challenges for the player--and since they have little variation, I felt a sense of déjà vu with each passing stage.

The only twist is that the size of the ball you fire changes each turn. In theory this could have been interesting, but in reality the ball-movement physics seem completely arbitrary, only rarely making any sense. You never feel as if any real skill is involved in playing the game, since predicting how the ball will behave is nearly impossible.

As it turns out, though, Peggy doesn't demand much in the way of skill. On my first play through, I reached level 19 before failing. Peggy features 20 levels. Although I might like to believe that I am some sort of savant at the game, I suspect that this was more the result of a little dumb luck, and the result of playing a game that is not especially challenging.

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Peggy - FREE

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