Comic-Con 2013: A geek festival in pictures

A slideshow of images from Comic-Con 2013.

Comic-Con 2013

It's not just about comics anymore. Comic-Con is an annual pop culture gathering featuring (mostly geeky) entertainment from comics, books, movies, TV, and more.

Here's a look at some of the sights from this year's show.

San Diego takeover

Comic-Con takes over most of downtown San Diego. All hotels are full, streets are blocked off, and nearby venues (including the Padres' ballpark) are host to Comic-Con-related events.

Throng on the show floor

In addition to numerous panels and media events, there's an enormous show floor full of booths--and people, many in costume.

DC's giant booth

Comics giants DC and Marvel were in attendance, of course, as well as small publishers, artists, writers, you name it.

DC's booth was among the largest.

Backpack with cape

As usual, attendees received a bag to carry around the show. This year it was in the form of a backpack, complete with an included superhero cape.

Lucky the person with the Batman mask managed to snag a Batman-themed bag!

Masters of the universe

There's always a guy in a Wolverine costume outside the hall getting his picture taken by an endless stream of photographers, but the costumes go a lot deeper than that.

Here's She-Ra and He-Man from "Masters of the Universe."

Action family

The family that slays together stays together?

Or something like that.

Cylons comin' through

Does that Viper pilot at far left realize that there are two Cylons right behind him on the escalator? He is in for a world of hurt when they get to the bottom.

Merch table

Authors and publishers sell a whole lot of merchandise at Comic-Con.

This is the table for Owly, a sweet kids' comic created by Andy Runton. Runton was manning the table for most of the show's four days.

Yes, there are comics

It's not all Joss Whedon and "Doctor Who" panels at Comic-Con. Yes, there are actual comic books for sale on the show floor at several booths like this one, in addition to plenty of original comic art.

Hall H line

The most popular venue at Comic-Con is Hall H, home to giant panels featuring stars of blockbuster movies and hit TV shows. The line for Hall H extends through the convention center and outside into this snaking set of tents.

It's the perfect place for a protestor to set up camp, too.

I wear this cape under protest

Satirical protest signs were everywhere this year, including this one from a man with a well-placed "Big Bang Theory" cape/backpack.

Menacing marketing

This fellow in suit and sunglasses was guarding the head of a Sentinel in an on-street marketing push for Trask

In reality, it's a promo for the next "X-Men" movie.

Protest marketing

Part of the "X-Men" marketing were pro-mutant protestors standing next to the Trask Industries Sentinel display.

Cosplay aplenty

There are plenty of costumes at Comic-Con, but most impressive are the coordinated costume brigades.

These two women were part of an all-female version of the crew from Joss Whedon's "Firefly" TV series. (That's Book and Jayne, don't you know.)

Live makeup demo

Is she an alien, a demon, or what?

I'm not sure, but this demonstration of screen makeup techniques drew a huge crowd on the show floor.

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