Prototype Bluetooth headset tracks user movements

Known for Bluetooth headsets, Plantronics showed off a prototype device at the recent Wearable Tech Expo in New York. Based on its Voyager Legend headset, the wearable concept goes beyond current technology, enabling what Plantronics envisions as a new generation of devices to act as controllers for all sorts of applications for entertainment and business.

Plantronics showed off this prototype at the recent Wearable Tech Expo.

In this video report, Cary Bran, senior director of innovation for Plantronics, demos the prototype, showing off how it can track orientation in nine dimensions.

The wearable concept works with iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Plantronics hopes that the debut of the wearable concept will spur device makers to take the technology and come up with next-generation wearable devices that can be commercialized.

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