Free Game Friday: Classic game makeover

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Super Smash Land

You'll have to download and install this one, but I assure you it's free—and worth it. We've come a long way in terms of graphics, gameplay and controls, but every so often it's fun just to head back to the past for a heavy dose of nostalgia. Super Smash Land delivers with what's known as a "demake."

Super Smash Land not only lets you relive the glory of the original Super Smash Bros. from Nintendo 64, but it does it entirely in Game Boy graphics. Choose one of your six favorite characters, choose one of the 11 classic stages and get ready for an all out brawl.

Enjoy a campaign, multiplayer or endless mode—just like in the original game. You really couldn't ask for a better...what's the opposite of a makeover?

You can even check out our hands-on with it here.

Super Mario Crossover 3.0

Even Super Mario, a classic game that will likely live on for decades to come, can occasionally get a little stale. Before you grab the torches and pitchforks you'll want to hear me out and try Super Mario Crossover 3.0.

If you think Super Mario Bros. is stale, play with Link! (or Samus, or MegaMan, etc).

Choose from classic Nintendo characters in a multitude of nostalgic skins to play through the classic Mario levels. Use their unique weapons and attacks to kill Goombas in new ways—no more classic head-stomping.

Of course, we can't be held responsible if you create some wormhole with a gaming paradox by trying to rescue the princess...with the princess.

Sonic Motobike

If classic Sonic wasn't fast enough for you, have him take a ride on his own speedy motobike through levels of jumps, flips and of course, coins to collect.

Sonic has a need for (more) speed.

You'll enjoy familar sights from the Sonic game, complete with a checkerboard track, but you'll enjoy fresh gameplay that resembles something out of Trials Evolution. Do flips, jumps and loop-de-loops but don't land on your head. Doing that means you lose.

I personally don't think Sonic needed a speed boost, but you can't deny him style points for that awesome roughriding look.

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