Easily find free ebooks

Summer’s winding down, but there’s still time to score free ebooks for any vacation reading. In this video, we’ll show you you where to go online to get free books, which are often classic novels now in the public domain.

You’ll want to start with Project Gutenberg’s site, which offers the most ebooks. Best of all you can chose from plain text to a Kindle version, so download it and pull it up in your Kindle app and you’re good to start reading.

Next check out Books Should Be Free, where happily, the site provides audio versions as well, in case you’re too relaxed on vacation to have to hold a tablet. There’s also Forgotten Books, which allows you to read all books free on its site, but you have to register to download them—a bit cumbersome for books that are already readily available. Finally, Read Any Book is also worth checking out.

If it’s not classics you’re looking for, PublicBookshelf features a lot of free romance novels. And many public libraries offer ebooks, so you can also go that route, though my experience has been more complicated than these simple downloads.

This how-to on downloading free ebooks also has a few pointers on finding something to read without spending a dime.

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