Free Game Friday: Nostalgia trip

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Some of the most iconic web games came from a younger Internet. Ideas were fresh, innovative and most of all: addicting. Some were cute, some were disturbing but most were fun. Check out our list of free games that time may have forgotten, but nostalgia will keep you playing all day.

Line Rider

If you ever miss those snow-filled winter days of sliding down slopes on your toboggan, Line Rider will tug a heart string. You'll need to build the slopes yourself—and feel free to get a little crazy.

My little loop-de-loop pales in comparison to the true Line Rider artists.

Use your mouse to create slopes, loops and jumps that a little scarf-wearing sled-lover can ride. Don't feel too bad if he misses a jump and falls into the abyss though, he can't feel pain (I think). Use different inks to create a sledding masterpiece. Some inks will accelerate your rider, some will disappear after your rider touches it and some are just for decoration. What can these simple tools create? Just check out this video made by someone with an impressive amount of time on their hands.

Believe it or not this game is still in a beta state. At this rate, maybe your grandchildren can enjoy the finished product!


If you've ever been swindled at your county fair by trying to throw darts at balloons for a stuffed animal, Bloons will provide some sweet closure.

Sometimes popping balloons is trickier than at the fair.

Play as a monkey stuck on a platform with a limited number of darts. In front of you are tons of different colored balloons just begging to be popped. Use physics and special balloons to pop as many as you can and reach the target goal. It's simple, therapeutic and fun.

You can check out other games in the Bloon universe such as Bloons 2 and Bloons Tower Defense 3 if you're looking for a deeper, different type of game—but nothing beats a classic.

Kitten Cannon

I don't condone animal cruelty, and normally firing a kitten out of a cannon would be the definition of being mean to cute little critters—but Kitten Cannon is too much fun.

Sorry kitty, but that score isn't high enough. Back to the cannon!

Angle the cannon and time the power just right to send the kitten flying through the trap-laden grass. The goal is to get it to go as far as possible by chaining together explosions and trampoline jumps. Of course, most of it is out of your hands once you pull the trigger, but that doesn't stop you from restarting time and time again to beat your last score.

Grab a coworker and spend your coffee break fighting over who can send the innocent little feline further, and silently swear under your breath every time it misses that pile of explosions or is stopped suddenly when it gets eaten by a Venus fly trap. Yeah, it's kind of weird—but classic!

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