Mix Up Your iPhone’s Style With a Cassette Tape Case

If you yearn for the days of yore when mythical devices known as cassette tapes ruled the land, you’re in luck: A design company called Homade has created Tuned Up, a plastic cassette case for the iPhone. Instead of containing magnetic tape with sound recordings, the silicon cover envelops your Cupertino-designed 3G, 3GS, or 4G phone while you listen to digital tunes.

While you pretend to be a punk-rock rebel or a mixtape maven, Tuned Up even rocks a plastic stand so you can watch videos hands-free on your iPhone.

Despite requiring strange behaviors such as “fast-forward” and “rewind”, the audio cassette proved rugged and durable throughout its decades-long rein in the music world. Time will only tell if the Tuned Up case will give your iPhone similar durability and staying power. Think you’re going to get a cassette tape case for your iPhone? Found an equally ridiculous iPhone case out in the wilds of the Internet? Sound off in the comments!

[Homade and Fred & Friends via Gizmodo]