Free Game Friday: Feed your free time with these food games

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Is your stomach growling? Maybe it's just about lunch time? Well, hold yourself over with a couple food-related games that won't put a dent in your wallet—unlike that overpriced sandwich from the hoity-toity deli down the street.

Pan Man

You know that one special gift that we all have deep down? The one that drives our passion and dreams in life? Yeah, well, in Pan Man yours is the ability to flip a pancake.

Flip a pancake for fame!

As a poor man living the simple life, you spend your time impressing your family and friends on how well you can flip a pancake. Throw it high and move around to line it up with the pan, smacking it back up for a multiplier bonus. If you let it sit in the pan too long, it starts to burn, which you know can ruin the aroma of any home.

If you manage to impress your friends at the pub, you go on to be a show spectacle at Caesar's Palace some years later. If you succeed there, you continue on to be a hit at a Caribbean vacation spot, and so on. You only get three pancakes to drop, and once you're out you're sent back home. Seeing the different final score screens is great depending on how long you were gone, giving a look into the hollowness of fame and the importance of family. Get out there, get flipping and be an international sensation—at least until you end up back home when you fail.

Papa's Cupcakeria

Are you a fan of Cooking Mama? Well now it's time to jump on the cupcake fad and open your own cupcake shop in Papa's Cupcakeria.

Take orders, bake cupcakes, get money.

Take each customer's order, run to the batter station to fill the tray, throw them in the oven and make sure they don't burn, finally build them to the customer's satisfaction. You get rated at each station and earn tips based on how well you do—there are some serious aspects of micromanagement and mouse control skill. I've burned a lot of cupcakes because I was concentrating on getting those damn rainbow sprinkles just right.

If you want a newfound respect for the cupcake creators out there, or if you're just looking for a stressful, addictive, fun time: Papa's Cupcakeria will provide.

Operate Now! Dental Implant

Now it's time to see the other side of these food games—time to go to the dentist. Operate Now! Dental Implant will have you scraping, cutting and pulling your way to some shinier smiles.

I'm glad I'm not a real dentist. *Shudder*

At first, I didn't trust a game on a site called Flash Girl Games, but I underestimated it—this game isn't for the squeamish. Pick from a set of tools to operate on cartoon mouths with close-up views of injecting, cutting and drilling. Choose the wrong tool and your patient becomes more unstable, but don't take your time because you're on the clock!

If there's one thing that makes this game really difficult, but really intense, it's the sound. The music is so overdramatic and overwhelming you may actually start to sweat. The beeping heart monitor, counting down your seconds will keep your heart-rate on edge. If you're thinking of getting into the dentistry field, this game may change your mind!

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