You got me WHAT from Etsy for the next six months?!

Gift-of-the-month clubs only Etsy could produce.

Ummm… thanks?

Etsy is the go-to virtual market for crafty (and often extremely eccentric) folks to sell their handmade (and often insane) wares.

But why would you ever settle for just one adorably bizarre handmade good, when you can keep the localvore vegan handcrafted surreal stuff coming every 30 days?

Thankfully, Etsy is home to all manner of monthly clubs that will keep the craftacular magic coming for up to a whole year. Here are some of our favorites.

Stuffed owl of the month club (12 months, $180)

Who's the wisest in the animal kingdom? That's right. Owls! So, why wouldn't you welcome a little symbol of natural wisdom into your home via an entire year's worth of stuffed owls?

Do keep in mind that by the year’s end, you will have amassed twelve owl pillows. Then you’ll be one of those people who has a dozen owl pillows. If you're prepared for that, this club might be a wonderful thing for you.

A good last minute gift for: People who want to scare off all their stuffed pigeons.

Baby octopus of the month club (3 months, $28)

What can you do with one tiny hand-knit baby octopus that wouldn’t be better with three hand-knit baby octopi? For $28 you can finally fill the 1.5- x 3-inch yarn octopus hole in your life—three times over.

A good last minute gift for: Fans of octopi, or someone in need of some impromptu mini golf putter covers. Also, cats.

Skinny neck tie of the month club (6 months, $225)

If you’re like most people, you don’t have nearly enough hand-knit skinny ties in your life. Fortunately, Etsian Kouture Crochet has you covered: For a mere $225 you can secure yourself a new skinny tie every month (in a can!) for the next six months.

A good last minute gift for: Skinny hipsters who want to appear wider by exclusively wearing very skinny ties.

Pot of the month club (12 months, $240)

What home wouldn't be enriched by a quality hand-painted pot. Or 12! Yes, for $240 you can keep that special homeowner in your life awash in handmade painted pots for the next 12 months.

A good last minute gift for: Someone who belongs to a plant-of-the-month club, and/or someone who wouldn't rather have a $230 Nexus 7 tablet.

Lip balm of the month club (12 months, $30)

Sometimes lips get really dry. The two most logical courses of action for the afflicted are to 1) drink more water, or 2) order a year’s supply of artisan lip balm with new flavors to thematically coincide with each month including French Toast in January, Pineapple Tangerine in August, and Egg Nog in December.

A good last minute gift for: The perpetually dehydrated.

Goat milk soap of the month club (12 months, $105)

Goats are big in the artisan edibles community. So, it was probably only a matter of time before someone on Etsy created a goat milk soap of the month club. As an added bonus, your year-long gift helps support an artisan whose goats are "happy and healthy, eating only organic forage and grain in the sunshine."

A good last minute gift for: People who believe milk from happy, healthy goats eating organic forage and grain in the sunshine just makes damn good soap.

DIY moss of the month club (3 months, $40)

For $40, you can get a "new sandwich bag full of assorted moss and lichens" delivered right to your door for three months. That's a good price for a bag of moss, which can be used for various crafty projects (ever made a moss wig?). Though we should mention that moss can probably also be found in your backyard two days after a big rainstorm for free.

A good last minute gift for: DIY Chia Pet enthusiasts.

Crocheted mug hug of the club (12 months, $63.61)

Some call them "mug hugs." Some call them "cup coats." Some call them the pathetic work of idle hands. Some call them hand-crafted happiness. These hand knit cozies probably don't keep your tea hot for even one extra second, but admit it—these little mug sweaters are 12 kinds of cute!

A good last minute gift for: That person at your office who gives voices to all the inanimate objects on their desk.

Tutu of the month club (12 months, $240)

We assume this particular gift set will be for the "little princess" in your life rather than anyone with access to the online purchasing power of their own credit card. For $240, your little princess can receive a brand new handmade elastic tutu every month for a year.

A good last minute gift for: New parents who want a year's worth of original ballet performances in the living room.

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