Must-see viral video of the moment: Ylvis 'The Fox'

Ylvis What does the fox say

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Don’t even read this story: first, just scroll down to the bottom and watch Ylvis’ “The Fox,” the new viral video that’s taken the Internet by storm.

Put simply, “The Fox” is Psy’s “Gangnam Style” meets Sesame Street.

How can you not watch a video that begins, “Dog goes woof / Cat goes meow / Bird goes tweet” before blowing you away with the chorus, “What does the fox say?” Because, what does the fox say?

I’ll tell you what the fox says. Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringding. That’s right, Animal Planet. Bet you never knew that.

According to the YouTube video, “The Fox” is the work of Ylvis, described on their Wikipedia page as a variety show form Norway featuring the work of two brothers, Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker. “In September 2013, they uploaded a music video called The Fox to YouTube which went viral,” the page notes. No kidding.

According to YouTube, which appears to be somewhat slow to record the number of page views on the page itself, “The Fox” has broken the 450,000-view barrier, not bad for a video that was uploaded just two days ago. (The official video for Gangnam Style has 1.76 billion page views, and that’s notwithstanding all the parodies, spinoffs, and outright ripoffs of the video onto other accounts.)

Although our Norwegian is a little rusty, “The Fox” apparently hasn’t even aired yet: the caption says it’s supposed to premiere on Sept. 10 on NorgeTV. It’s probably fair to say that will be the Norwegian equivalent of the Beatles playing Ed Sullivan.

For now, “The Fox” will inevitably be the video of choice for 6-year-olds, jaded denizens of the Internet, or stoners. Either way, it’s still brilliant. Be sure to share.

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