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From the Files of Our Grammar Police

Asking for reasonable advise


Would you accept honest council instead?

feeling like a looser in bed? Improve your xxxlife for better


Stop improving it for worse, looser!

Forget expensive doctor's visits


The question is, Can we get him to forget them?

New dimensions in ur work


It's sad to be defeated by "your" after triumphing over "dimensions."

EFL: English as a Foreign Language

I want sale you rolex.. or other grat watch . do you want?


Before you sale me, you'll have to offer some proof of their gratness.

Where can I Canada prescription drugs online?


For some reason, I thought "England" would become a verb before "Canada" did.

You will like the quality of our soft, but moreover you will like the prices.


But meanwhile as to the quality of our hard, it is also of the utmost sell.

Purchase program Microsoft after a half price


And of course, instructions assembly detailed from each with Microsoft.

Intriguing Assertions

Life is full of emotions only when you are healthy.


Hence the Stoic motto, "Stay sick."

To Men: You can do it


To Rabbits: So can you.

The most popular bag now


Everyone else bags later.

Age is no longer a barrier for me in bed


Tell it to the judge, Mr. Polanski.

Women don?t care about your money as long as your trunk is long and hard.


And it's a good thing, because money doesn't grow on trees.

The Imperative Voice

Get your own bot


Look, I promise I'll give you yours back next week.

Steven Gray, raise a financially saavy teen


Will she be able to spell, too?

Brawl at kiddy league baseball


It's a much better way to build self-esteem than picking fights in a biker bar.

Live in harmony with 2 wives


The key is to keep their husbands out of the loop.

A Little Too Concise

[no subject]

(from [no sender])

You mean it just appeared here spontaneously?



It's either an insult or an untapped market.




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