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As much as you'd love to be Marty from Back to the Future or Dr. Who, chances are you'll never be able to bend space and time to your will. Luckily, for the low, low price of free you can live out your dream with some of these mind-boggling, time-bending games.

Go ahead and check them out, but remember, your lunch break is only an hour!

The Company of Myself

Braid fans rejoice: The Company of Myself is another brain-twisting puzzle-platformer to wrap your head around.

Being completely alone isn't so bad...if you can make copies.

Play as a lonely little man who tells his life story as you play. He can't rely on anyone but himself—literally. You can restart the level at any time to produce a shadowy mirror image of your previous actions and use these copies to climb high ledges and make further jumps.

The music is nice and the story is eloquent, though a little sad. You may want to make sure you have someone to hug after you're done. After all, you won't be able to rely on creating copies of yourself for support.

Velocity Raptor

Did dinosaurs understand things like velocity and theories of relativity? These ones sure do. Velocity Raptor puts you in the talons of a raptor trying to traverse some tricky terrain while battling a light speed of only three miles-per-hour.

Bend time to bend the level.

That means as you move across the map, it starts to tilt and shift to your perspective. Some levels have cannons that continuously shoot yet begin to slow down as you move away from them, allowing you to pass between the bullets. The game even took into consideration the colors you would see as you moved about faster than the speed of light—it's all pretty complicated.

Luckily, for those of us that aren't into theoretical physics and the rules of relativity, there's a section devoted to bringing you up to speed. How often can you learn physics from a couple dinosaurs?


In the same vein of Braid and The Company of Myself is Chronotron, a time-bending puzzler that require more "you" to solve.

That time machine looks awfully familiar to Dr. Who fans.

Travel through levels in your time machine to collect circuits. Of course, there's plenty of buttons that need to be held down and places to be that you wouldn't be able to do it alone. Go back to your time machine to restart the level with your previous self, who performs the same actions you just completed.

It's tricky to set up the perfect timing for everything: you have to make sure you hold down the buttons long enough for your future self to get through without trouble. Patience is certainly a virtue for future you.

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