LEGO Android Towers Over Your iPhone at 15 Inches

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Photo: Engadget
[Photo: Grayson Wendell via Engadget]
Grayson Wendell must really love the Android operating system---so much that he constructed a huggable model of the Android mascot entirely out of Lego bricks. Using a program he wrote to design Lego domes (does this make it CALDD software---computer-aided Lego dome design?), Grayson spent a week developing and building the 15-inch Lego mascot.

The photos show the 15-inch LEGO Android getting cozy with a family of several plastic Android toys, as well as a hacked iPod running Android and an Evo.

Have a look at the photos of Grayson's creation over at Engadget.

Where is the Apple iOS fanart? (Oh wait!) But if you do wind up building a larger Android mascot out of Lego bricks--or some other remarkable Lego fanart, for that matter--send us a photo to pcwgeektech <at> gmail <dot> com and we’ll post it on GeekTech!

[via Engadget Alt]

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