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Apple upset the proverbial apple cart when it launched the proprietary iAd mobile advertising platform. Greystripe is shaking things up again, though, by offering the interactivity and rich media experience e of iAd, but in a cross-platform model that isn't shackled to Apple apps.

Apple iAds are great, but only available in apps on iOS mobile devices.
The fact that the Apple iAd platform offers a competing alternative to the dominant Google mobile advertising model is a good thing, but the proprietary nature of iAd segregates the mobile platforms and forces advertisers to choose between them or invest additional time and money creating separate mobile ad campaigns for each.

With Greystripe's RevMax for Mobile Web, advertisers can develop mobile ads using industry standard Flash tools, and deliver those ads as HTML5 content to the iPhone, iPad, or Android devices either within apps or as mobile Web banner ads. Advertisers will once again be able to create one campaign and reach market audiences on all major mobile platforms.

A press release from Greystripe describes the impact of RevMax. "Ads available on the mobile web include Greystripe's interactive Immersion Ads and iAd-like Expandables, proven to drive results for advertisers. Through a recent campaign, Buick LaCrosse saw 21 percent lift in brand awareness and 35 percent lift in purchase intent with an Immersion ad on the Greystripe network. At launch, Greystripe will support static ads on BlackBerry devices. In the future, Greystripe plans to introduce rich media to BlackBerry and mobile browsers on all major smartphone platforms."

"There is a huge opportunity in the mobile web, which has previously been relegated to static, undifferentiated banners. We can now bring enhanced economics to the mobile web though premium ads paired with premium content," Greystripe CEO Michael Chang said.

"The Mobile Web and Rich Mobile Web Applications are going to be the next advertising battleground as major content publishers realize that creating native apps on multiple platforms fragments their development efforts," said Vishal Jain, analyst with the 451 Group. "Web based applications that utilize the native capability of the mobile browser are making it easier to reach a wide variety of devices. Brand advertising based on rich media technology is essential for publishers looking to maximize revenue from their mobile websites."

Apple ruffled some feathers when it announced about a month ago that it is pulling the plug on the Quattro mobile advertising platform. Many advertisers rely on the Quattro network and are now forced to look for an alternative. Ideally, Apple would like those advertisers to embrace iAd, but iAd is Apple-centric and advertisers have to reach target audiences on other platforms as well.

Greystripe RevMax gives those advertisers an opportunity to deliver a similarly interactive marketing experience across all platforms and without being tied only to apps. Advertisers can market more efficiently with a single campaign applied across multiple mobile platforms, and more effectively with ads that are more engaging and informative than static banner ads.

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