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Word Drop

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Word Drop is an inventive game that twists aspects of Boggle and Scrabble into an addictive and fun word-finding challenge. Playing on a 4-by-4, 5-by-5, or 6-by-6 board, you locate words in a jumble, the same way you do in Boggle. Points are based on the length of each discovered word, as well as on the letter values (which correspond to the values they have in Scrabble). Higher-scoring words also buy you time to keep finding more words.

Unlike in Boggle, however, once you've identified a word those letters disappear, and new ones replace them. And whenever you find a four-letter word, a combo square appears randomly on the board; if you manage to form a word using the letter this square appears on, you get bonus points.

In the menu, you have options for tweaking the settings, including a selection of gameplay modes. The Normal, Hard, Lightning, Relax, and Untimed modes affect the amount of time you have available to play. The Blocker mode randomly places one square where you are prohibited from forming words, and the square changes location after each word you find.

You can also change the board size, theme, and dictionary. The themes--Wood, Marble, and Sand--change the appearance of the game. Wood is the default, and I recommend sticking with it, since I found the letters in the other themes somewhat difficult to read. As for the dictionary, Word Drop lets you use the Scrabble dictionary, Webster's, or both; the default is both. Note that Webster's includes some proper nouns--I imagine some purists will prefer limiting the game to the Scrabble dictionary.

Unfortunately Word Drop lacks several features that would make it a sensational, must-download app. Most notably, it gives you no way to play against friends. Also, although you have some control over how long the game lasts by changing the difficulty settings, you can't manually set the time. If someone wants to play 10-minute rounds of the game, why shouldn't they be allowed to? The lack of such features doesn't keep Word Drop from being a fun diversion, but I still hope that future updates might include them.

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Dropwords

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