Adobe unleashes 64-bit beta Flash Player codenamed "Square"

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Earlier this week, Adobe announced a 64-bit beta preview version of Flash Player codenamed "Square" and available for Windows, Linux, and (gasp) Mac. With improved support for Internet Explorer 9 Beta, this latest version of Flash should ensure you’re able to see more than just Flash ads in 64-bit glory.

In addition to offering some performance improvements (Square uses a significantly smaller amount of my CPU while watching YouTube videos), the beta version of Flash has also been streamlined for OS X:

Flash Player 10.1 introduces significant optimizations specifically for Mac OS. As part of our engineering work for 64-bit, Flash Player 10.1 has been rewritten entirely to use the modern Mac OS X Cocoa framework. It also takes advantage of Mac OS technologies such as Core Audio, Core Graphics, Core Foundation, and Core Animation, leveraging native technologies while improving performance.

This beta should be relatively stable, but should it prove to be less than robust on your system, Adobe whole-heartily welcomes your feedback:

The community has been very vocal around the need for native 64-bit support and we've heard you loud and clear. Today we're also sharing a refresh of the Linux 64-bit version of Flash Player together with the first preview of both the 64-bit Windows and Mac versions. If you're using a 64-bit browser, I encourage you to install a 64-bit version of Flash Player and give it try.

Want to try out "Square" on your machine? Download it via Adobe Labs and let us know if the transition to 64-bit Flash gives you a performance boost (or not).

[Via MacRumors]

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