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With the Galaxy Tab, Samsung may have learned from other company's mistakes to produce a computer tablet that can finally compete with Apple's iPad. If you're thinking of buying a Galaxy Tab for work usage, here are five reasons why it's a good idea.

1. It Comes on All Four Carriers

One of the major selling points is that the Galaxy Tab is available on four wireless carriers: AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon. So not only are buyers given a choice and not stuck with a carrier they loathe, but it also increases competition and possibly a better price for both consumers and business owners.

2. It's Light, Mobile, and Can Do the Work of a PC

The Tab has twice the memory of an iPad, with Android 2.2 OS, 1GHz processor, cameras, phone, and GPS, but it's still less than a pound. The smaller 7-inch screen makes the Galaxy a scaled down tablet, even smaller than the iPad, but the little machine is packed with functionality and a surprising 1024 x 600 display that plays high-definition videos.

3. Samsung Is Altering Android Apps to Run Better

In another lesson learned from the iPad, Samsung began creating its own Android applications that run better or take advantage of their larger screen. This has led to developers now creating apps to run on tablets rather than just on small-screened smartphones. While the Android market is still heavily skewed to the mobile phone, the apps for the Tab are expected to skyrocket in the next year most notably through Samsung's own machinations.

4. It Can Make Phone Calls

Videoconferencing is made easy (over Wi-Fi) with the Tab's front-and-back cameras, and because it's not a phone, users won't be forced into any unneeded voice plans. Who wanted a phone with a 7-inch screen anyway? Still, while I doubt anyone is buying the Galaxy Tab to make calls, reports say it nonetheless will in Europe. Certainly the business market will embrace this functionality.

5. It's Not an iPad

I'm not an Apple hater, but it's nice to see a tablet computer that can finally be an alternative to the iPad. While it's unlikely that the Tab is an "iPad Killer", it does set the stage for Android or other tablets to be more competitive against their Apple rival. There are still some concerns about the Galaxy Tab--namely price--which is probably being ironed out now among the wireless carriers, and being locked into a two-year contract. While a success in Europe, the Tab still has to make the journey to America to find out its destiny, but one can only hope to embrace the new arrival.

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