Microsoft fixes Windows RT 8.1 issues, returns update to Windows Store

Good news, Surface RT lovers: You are now able to recommence downloading Windows RT 8.1, the update that brings Outlook 2013 and a host of other new features and refinements to Microsoft's Modern-style operating system.

After launching Windows RT 8.1 last Thursday, Microsoft was forced to yank the update over the weekend because it caused a small number of users' tablets to toss up a Boot Configuration Data error and refuse to start up. Microsoft says that only 0.1 percent of all Surface RT owners were affected. Windows 8.1 for traditional PCs did not succumb to the error, though it did have some hiccups of its own, albeit also on a relatively small scale.

Yesterday, Microsoft released a recovery image that helps users restore their borked Surface RTs to working order. Today, the following announcement appeared as a pop-up on Microsoft's "Answers" forums, announcing the return of Windows RT 8.1 to the Windows Store:

The pop-up on Microsoft's Answers forum.

Let the downloads flow! Today, Microsoft also released the Surface 2, the Surface RT's leaner, meaner, and similarly Windows RT-based successor.

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