Straighten up: Improve your posture with LUMOback

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If your father was anything like mine (and a quick unofficial office poll concludes I am not alone here), then you were constantly chided, scolded, nagged, and admonished to sit up straight. And what was the end result of all the efforts to get us to protect our backs with correct posture? Thousands of slouchers hunched over glowing laptops for hours on end. Sure, you try to make sure your office chair has good ergonomics, or that you’re sitting correctly on the bus, but the rest of the time you’re a dirty sloucher like the rest of us and you know it.

The LUMOback band

But LUMOback has your back. LUMOback wants to help. A sensor that is strapped around the waist (under or over the clothes), LUMOback gives you gentle reminders, in the form of a buzz, to correct your posture throughout the day. It can also track how many steps you walk, how often you stand throughout the day, and even your sleep position if you wear it at night. And starting today, you can grab one at your nearest Apple retail store, as LUMOback is expanding its retail reach.

LUMOback's app makes you aware of how you're sitting.

The LUMOback’s buzzing can be set to buzz once when you enter a bad posture position, or if you put it in pulse mode, it'll keep buzzing until you move into a good posture position. LUMOback can also distinguish time spent in the car. The posture sensor will retail nationwide for $149.95; the free app is still currently iOS-only but LUMOback’s website says Android compatibility is coming. Your dad will never get to tell you to sit up straight again.

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