Vine grows up with Time Travel update

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Vine isn’t going to take this whole Instagram video thing lying down. Twitter’s 6-second video-sharing app now lets you edit your videos before posting and work on multiple clips at the same time. In your face, Instagram.

The new features are part of an update rolling out to iOS and Android Vine users today.

The details

Vine’s new editing tools, what the app calls Time Travel, let you delete, move, or replace shots in your video—basic stuff, no filters or any fancy editing tricks. If you want to edit while shooting, tap the green bar. You can only edit sections of video, so if you shoot one long take, you can’t do anything to it. To edit in post-production, tap Edit at the top-right. All the editing happens before you share your video.

To work in multiple Sessions—up to 10 at a time—just tap the new S icon in the bottom-right corner. The icon lets you save your work and open another Session. If you cancel a recording, Vine now asks if you want to delete the clip or save it as a Session, to return to later.

Vine clearly recognizes that its app is no longer just for amateur, on-the-fly clips. Real artists are using Vine’s 6-second limitation to push the boundaries of storytelling with animation, comedy, and cats.

Sessions let you work on multiple videos at a time.

The competition

Vine pushed out its last major update just a month after Instagram video debuted, calling version 1.3 its “biggest, most exciting update yet.” Those features included Channels, revines, protected posts, and a higher quality camera.

But Version 1.4 is a much bigger deal, because editing tools, even basic ones, separate the amateurs from professionals. Instagram has always been gunning for amateurs who consider themselves professionals—with the help of lots and lots of filters—so video editing was built in from day one. Those tools give you more control over the content you create. Vine's latest update was inevitable; it’s just surprising that it took so long.

Vine isn’t exactly changing its creation model—videos are still just 6 seconds, for one thing. But by adding some production values and letting users work on several projects at once, it’s aiming to be a more versatile app. Vine is still for fun, but it’s growing up.

And advertisers are probably going to love it.

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