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Auto Mount Your SD Card

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I have always thought that the process of making your Android phone communicate with your computer seems unnecessarily complicated. After you connect the two devices with a USB cable, you have to turn on your phone, go to the notifications bar, select the USB notification indicating that the two devices are connected, and choose the option to mount your phone. Then, and only then, do the two devices actually start communicating and become capable of exchanging files such as pictures and music.

Auto Mount Your SD Card seemed at first to be a viable alternative to that frustrating process. In theory, it should be plug-and-play simple. Unfortunately, although it saved me a couple of steps in my tests, it did so at the expense of stability and reliability.

Sometimes the files I transfered would become corrupt and fail to work; sometimes files wouldn't transfer at all. Other times I would go to the Android disk on my computer, and it would show no files--and starting all over again was the only way to get it to work. On other occasions, it would say my SD Card wasn't there. When you add up all those problems, this app does not seem like a useful workaround.

When the Auto Mount app starts, it suggests that you download iSyncr Lite for your phone, which allows the phone to communicate with iTunes. I tried this out, and I had to go through a couple of attempts before it actually transferred any music to my phone, so I can't say that iSyncr is useful either.

Unfortunately, although the standard file-transfer procedure between computer and Android phone is a too-complex task, Auto Mount Your SD Card doesn't provide a better interface--in fact, it's worse.

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Auto Mount Your SD Card

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