Good Technology helps businesses break the BlackBerry habit

RIM CEO Thorsten Heins introduces the BlackBerry Z10 and the Q10.

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BlackBerry has been in a death spiral, and it’s immediate future is a mystery. That is cause for concern for companies that rely on BlackBerry, and has forced businesses to start considering an exit strategy. But the real challenge is finding an alternate platform that doesn’t compromise on security. Good Technology thinks it has the solution.

Choosing another smartphone platform is simple. Android and iOS are the leading platforms, and Windows Phone is a distant, but certainly viable, runner up. The challenge is finding a platform that can meet the same needs in terms of security, especially for companies in sensitive and highly-regulated industries like finance or healthcare.

Good for Enterprise can help companies transition off of BlackBerry.

To be fair, iOS—and even specific configurations of Android—have met the stringent requirements to be approved for use by the US Department of Defense (DoD). Most companies have fewer security concerns than the DoD, so if the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S4 will work for Uncle Sam, they’re probably secure enough for your company as well.

Still, secure communications is a hallmark of BlackBerry. It is arguably the prevailing feature that established BlackBerry as a dominant platform in the first place, and it’s almost certainly the one thing that has kept BlackBerry from completely fading away by now. Organizations that still depend on BlackBerry devices are not going to just throw darts at a wall to choose an alternate mobile platform.

That’s where Good Technology comes in. Good Technology provides many of the same benefits as BlackBerry in a cross-platform mobile device management system that spans all of the mobile operating systems. Now, Good Technology is also including Platform Transition Services designed specifically to help customers migrate from BlackBerry to an alternate mobile platform or platforms.

Good for Enterprise provides a layer of management and protection between the organization and the mobile platform, essentially providing the same sort of security and peace of mind companies have come to expect from BlackBerry. Good containerizes—or segregates—email, calendar, contacts, and data, giving admins more control, and delivering additional security even on native third-party apps.

Lynn Lucas, Chief Marketing Officer of Good Technology, believes that Good Technology is the logical choice for companies looking to migrate off of BlackBerry. “As the only mobile productivity app with Common Criteria EAL4+ certifications on both iOS and Android (the highest certification often used for sensitive government data) in addition to FIPS 140-2 encryption," she says, "we're the natural solution that doesn't require a customer to reevaluate their security posture."

Good for Enterprise is available starting at $5 per user per month.

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