Here are all of Google's Halloween Easter eggs

Google's engineers have added a little Halloween mischief into the search graph—here's a rundown of all the seasonal fun we could find.

Google's 2013 Halloween Easter Eggs

Google must be a very boring place to work. As usual, Google's engineers leap at any opportunity to take a break from tinkering with Kit-Kat and toying with Google+'s photo functionality, to bring a few hidden gems to its users' experience.

And Halloween is just that type of opportunity! In honor of the ghoulish season, the search giant added a few secret jokes into the search graph for popular monsters. For example, searching for "werewolf," the side card on the right describes the werewolf as "a very real creature" whose food source is "anything it can chase, catch, and chomp."

Oh, Google, you so crazy! Anyways, here are all the Halloween eggs we could find. Drop a line in the comments if you dig up of any others.


"How to avoid: Don't join a dance troupe led by a man in a red leather suit."

Grim Reaper

"Sub grouping: The end"

Evil Robot

"How to defeat: Hold down the power button"


"Food source: Strange Brew, candy"


Also recommends searching for "shaving cream."


"Food source: Calcium and vitamin D"


"Food source: Your blood"


"How to defeat: Call Peter Venkman and Ray Stantz"

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