XWave Lets You Control Your iPhone With Your Brain

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You’re walking down the street and it seems like everyone is on their iPhone. Mindlessly pressing buttons, or staring at the screen waiting for a text message or a Facebook notification, they probably wouldn’t notice if Godzilla chose that moment to start his new rampage in your town. All you can think is, “How has the iPhone taken over the brains of so many people, and why isn’t anyone doing anything about it?”

The developers over at PLX Devices may have come up with a solution. It's called the XWave, and it’s supposed to “connect your mind to your iPhone,” in what seems to be an attempt to give your brain back the power in the iPhone-Brain relationship. Part of its function is “training your brain to maximize its attention span,” which sounds useful in today’s world of fickle minds and shorter attention spans, but I have my reservations. Strapping a device to your head to monitor your attention sounds kind of scary, but I guess if you’re doing it willingly then you’re also prepared to accept whatever it does to you.

The other big part of this device is meditation. All the tech specs really say is that it senses your meditation levels, so maybe if you meditate hard enough you can even learn to move your iPhone with your brain! To be honest, I’m not exactly sure how you can go from controlling your iPhone with your brain to controlling your environment with your brain, but at least that brings us a step closer to telekinesis, right?

No word yet on whether this device will be made available for the Android, but maybe (hopefully) Google will see this as the perfect time to finally launch their long-awaited gAmygdala.

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