Raise Your WIndows IQ: Force Programs to Run Maximized

Reader G. Michael is having a problem with Internet Explorer and other programs: when he runs them, they open in a non-full-size window. What he wants is for them to run maximized, meaning in a window that fills the screen.

I've covered this topic before, but it's always good to revisit stuff like this for newcomers and novice users. So here's the simple process for making any program start maximized:

1. Right-click the program's shortcut, and then click Properties. (If you're a Windows 7 user and the shortcut resides on your Taskbar, there's an extra step. After you right-click the Taskbar icon, look for the program name in the pop-up menu that appears, and then right-click that. Then you'll see the Properties option, which you can left- or right-click.)

2. This will open the Properties window with the Shortcut tab already selected. Click the pull-down menu next to Run and choose Maximized.

3. Click OK and you're done!

Just to clarify, the "program shortcut" is the icon you click (or double-click) to run the program in question. This icon might be on your desktop, in the Start menu, or on the Windows Taskbar.

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