No RIM Tablet Yet? See 7 Mockups Instead

If you're sick of waiting for RIM to announce its BlackPad device here are seven mockups of fake BlackBerry tablets to tide you over.

7 Fake BlackPads

Rumors that Research in Motion will reveal a tablet on Monday may only be half true. According to Boy Genius Report, RIM won't show any tablet hardware, but will discuss the software side of the so-called BlackPad -- the QNX operating system that the company bought in April. So as consolation, let's look at the crazy BlackPad mockups people have drawn in lieu of the real thing, ordered from best to worst.

The Blackberry Cobalt

This isn't the shiniest mockup of the bunch, but it has vision. Crackberry forums user grahamf dreams of an app switcher, a notifications window and all apps co-existing on a single screen. No remarkable hardware in the imagined specs, except one thing: Stereo sound comes from the top and bottom of the screen. Nice.

The RIMHP BlackSlate, Part 1

IntoMobile used the once-hyped, now-enterprise HP slate as the base of its shiny BlackPad mockup. It's a nice-looking piece of hardware, and those Blackberry 6 apps look pretty slick on the big screen. RIM isn't likely to use Blackberry as its tablet OS, but I wouldn't complain if the end result looked like this.

The RIMHP BlackSlate, Part 2

Upon hearing a rumor that RIM might use the QNX OS to power its tablet, IntoMobile created a new mockup, again starting with a render of HP's slate. QNX is sometimes used in building temperature control systems, so the software depiction is accurate, albeit boring. I had to dock points because HP's marketing team put two left hands in the rendering.

The Blackberry Oasis

I'm not sure what inspired Boy Genius Report's hazy BlackPad mockup. It's part iPad, by virtue of the single home button, but blessed with a big, fat front-facing camera and a mysterious pinwheel icon on the screen. But what I really like is how the image was seemingly captured under the shadiest of circumstances.

The iBlackPad

This mockup, which originates from BBLeaks, is basically the Blackberry 6 OS grafted onto stock photos of Apple's iPad. Somewhat convincing, but not particularly imaginative.

The Black Keys

TiPb's BlackPad mockup is so bad, it's good. Blackberry phones, Storm aside, are known for having physical keyboards, and in this extreme case, the keys are a lot like what you'd find with a desktop computer. Who says tablets are only good for consumption?

The Bezel-Free BlackPad

This design -- origin unknown, but spotted at a Spanish-language Website -- leaves much to the imagination, except one thing: It has USB ports. Que bueno.

The RIM Tablet Wide

There's not much to like about the RIM tablet mocked up at Erictric, but it does take a unique approach to the front-facing camera. It's oriented horizontally, unlike the camera on Samsung's Galaxy Tab. That makes sense if the tablet is allowed to have video chats with computers, which are oriented the same way.

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