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Earlier this week, Pocket released a new version of its mobile app for iOS, with the Android update arriving next week. Pocket is a service that lets you save articles you find online so you can read them later, and if you’ve been thinking of givingit a try, this is a good time to dive in. Here’s how to get set up to use it on all your devices.

Sign up for Pocket

Before you use Pocket, you’re going to need a Pocket account. To sign up, visit and click the red “Sign Up Now” button. Enter the required information—an email address, a username, and a password—then press Sign Up.

It takes less than a minute to create a Pocket account.

Add Pocket to your browser

The easiest way to add items to your Pocket queue is through the Pocket Button for your Web browser, or by using the Pocket bookmarklet. To get at these goodies, start by visiting Pocket’s How to Save page. There, you can install the bookmarklet by dragging the red Download button to your browser’s bookmark bar.

If you use a browser that supports the Pocket button, click the link labelled Or select the Pocket button, then click the red Download button, then follow the standard add-on installation procedure for your browser of choice

Regardless of whether you use the bookmarklet or the Pocket button, adding a page to your Pocket queue works the same: Go to the page you want to add to your queue and press either the bookmarklet or the toolbar button, and Pocket will allow you to read it later.

Download the Pocket app for your phone or tablet

Yes, you can take it with you: By installing the Pocket app on your smartphone or tablet, you can have your Pocket queue with you wherever you your pocket.

(What can I say? I’m a sucker for bad puns.)

Pocket for iPhone.

The app, available for iOS and Android, lets you view which items in your Pocket queue, and read them too. You can also delete or archive items from the app, as well as mark them as favorites, just as you can from the Pocket website interface. (Pocket also makes an app for OS X and a Chrome app.)

Share links from your phone's browser

If you want to add a page you viewed in your iPhone’s browser to your Pocket queue, you can use your browser’s sharing function to email the link to an address provided to you by Pocket.

If emailing isn’t your thing, the Pocket bookmarklet we mentioned earlier should work on your iPhone too, though you might need to log into Pocket through your phone’s browser in order to use it. Setting it up on iOS will require you to jump through a couple hoops and complete an agility training course. I won’t repeat the steps here, so you should take a moment to read Pocket’s instructions.

Android users, you have it easy: Just tap the Share button and select Add to Pocket from the resulting menu.

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