Raise Your Windows IQ: How to Share a Link, Part 2

Following Friday's tip on how to share a link, reader Jeff wants to know more. Specifically, he's curious about sharing embedded links, like the one in the preceding sentence. He knows how to copy and paste from the browser's address bar, but wants to provide the actual link that's under the hyperlinked text--not just the text itself.

The long way would be to click that link (or open it in a new tab or window), then copy the URL from the address bar. But that's more work than necessary. To copy a hyperlink, all you need is our good friend the right mouse-button.

In Internet Explorer, you simply right-click the link you want, and then click Copy Shortcut. In Firefox, you right-click the link and then choose Copy Link Location. (Same deal for Chrome, Opera, and Safari, though the "copy link" wording might be slightly different.) Then head to your e-mail, word processor, or wherever and press Ctrl-V to paste it in. Presto: you get the link itself, not the hyperlinked text.

Hope that answers your question, Jeff!

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