Clap along to Happy, Pharrell Williams’ 24-hour long interactive music video

Dancing Chicken from Happy

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Pharrell Williams’ 24 hours of Happy is technically only about four minutes long and fairly simple: dancers bop about and sing along to the infectiously catchy song. And then it starts all over again, with a new star sliding into place. For twenty four hours.

The video lets you skip around Los Angeles through various dance venues, floating down city streets, around boxing gyms and through what looks like an elementary school, to name a few identifiable locales. If you aren't dedicated enough to stick around you can drag a slider about to pick an hour of the day to explore. My favorite parts are definitely the day shots, chock full of bemused onlookers looking at the dancers and the camera trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

YouTube has the official, dare I say canon version. It shuffles through the various shots, but you’ll want to watch the proper, interactive experience (a few times) to get the full effect. I imagine it’ll get old at some point, but I’ve been watching folks dance (or something like it) to this track since about five in the morning and I’ve got a sneaking suspicion I’m going to make it through most of Happy’s day.

I suppose the video isn’t quite as fluid as the Bob Dylan “Like a Rolling Stone” experience; sliding between characters and perspectives pauses the music for a moment, which is a bit jarring. But Dylan’s video doesn’t feature a giant chicken dancing in a dollar store, so picking a more sublime experience is a bit of a toss up at this point.

For bonus points, try to pinpoint the hours of the day when the various celebrities make their cameos.

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