The 15 Most Offensive Video Games Ever Made

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6. Super Columbine Massacre RPG!

The Scoop: Super Columbine Massacre RPG!; By: Danny Ledonne; From: RPG Maker; For: PC

Super Columbine Massacre RPG! lets players reenact the Columbine student massacre playing as students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, though with a significant op-ed twist. It was met with media outrage, but found partial validity in thoughtful critiques by games theorists like Ian Bogost: "This game is not fun, it is challenging, and difficult to play--not technically difficult, but conceptually difficult," opined Bogost, adding "We need more of that."

7. Resistance: Ethnic Cleansing

The Scoop: Resistance: Ethnic Cleansing; By: Resistance Records; From: Resistance Records; For: PC

From nuanced back to nauseating, Resistance: Ethnic Cleansing was a crudely wrought 2002 first-person shooter by neo-Nazis, for neo-Nazis. Claiming that "[t]he Race War has begun," the game's website says "[y]our skin is your uniform in this battle for the survival of your kind," that "[t]he White Race depends on you to secure its existence," and that "[y]our peoples [sic] enemies surround you in a sea of decay and filth that they have brought to your once clean and White nation."

8. Battle Raper

The Scoop: Battle Raper; By: Illusion Soft; From: Illusion Soft; For: PC

Another perverse Japan-only game celebrating sexual assault by the company responsible for Rapelay, Battle Raper and it's sequel, Battle Raper II, look a lot like modern fighting games. But where the goal in games like Tekken or Virtua Fighter is to land punches and kicks to score points or lower your opponent's health, here it's to beat the clothes off voluptuous women in order to (eventually) have your way with them.

9. JFK Reloaded

The Scoop: JFK Reloaded; By: Traffic Software; From: Traffic Software; For: PC

Another history-minded game that straddles the line between educational and offensive, JFK Reloaded drops players into Lee Harvey Oswald's boots in this simulation of the 1963 John F. Kennedy assassination. While senators Edward Kennedy and Joe Lieberman condemned the game, academics like Persuasive Games' Ian Bogost argued its merits, describing it as "an attempt to frame a news event," while a cohort added "I find the game to be very interesting and I think that it is important that these games are produced, even if they are distasteful..."

10. Operation Pedopriest

The Scoop: Operation Pedopriest; By: Molleindustria; From: Molleindustria; For: PC

Tongue clearly if disturbingly in cheek, Operation Pedopriest gives you control of "silencers," squads of "eunuchs" who will "resist any temptation to sin," and thus be able "to intimidate victims and witnesses of sexual crimes." Your goal it to protect lustful priests from the police (lured by crying children) and escalating media attention, which could undermine the "very important battle in defense of [the clergy's] lifestyle and...autonomy."

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