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Top headlines this week include the arrests of alleged members of the Zeus botnet gang, Hewlett-Packard's surprise announcement that its new CEO is former SAP chief Leo Apotheker and ongoing coverage of the Stuxnet worm, with speculation about its origins.

1. Zeus Trojan bust reveals sophisticated 'money mules' operation in the U.S. Zeus botnet bank thieves were careless with own security, Feds hit Zeus group, but the brains remain overseas and Ukraine authorities take action against Zeus ring: Authorities in the U.K., U.S. and Ukraine moved to bust alleged botnet thieves, who set up an intricate operation around the Zeus Trojan. As the story unfolds, we expect a fascinating look inside the inner workings of this sophisticated cybercrime ring as details are revealed by authorities.

2. Former SAP CEO Apotheker now head of HP, With Apotheker at helm, HP signals new direction and Analysis: HP spins CEO carousel and picks wrong horse in Apotheker: HP decided not to promote from within, tapping Apotheker as its next CEO in a move that raised more than a few eyebrows, considering how things ended for him at SAP.

3. Is Stuxnet an Israeli-invented attack against Iran? and Stuxnet worm can re-infect scrubbed PCs: Researchers have focused on clues in the code of the Stuxnet worm to offer conjecture about its source -- or perhaps its creators are just trying to make it look like the malware came from Israel. Researchers have also discovered additional ways in which the worm spreads.

4. House net neutrality proposal falls apart and Congress punts net neutrality back to FCC: A U.S. House of Representatives proposal on net neutrality lost steam when it didn't garner quite enough support. So Congress is sending the issue back to the U.S. Federal Communication Commission. We wonder if the conversation has gone like this: "You take it." "No, you take it." "Please, take it." "No, really, it's your job." ...

5. Is your Android phone spying on you? and Android app Spygate: Tips to put an end to spying apps: A study finds that Android mobile phone apps collect location information about users and share that with advertisers without permission of the smartphone owner, so we also offer some tips on how to stop those apps from spying on you.

6. developers break ties with Oracle: In a move to break away from Oracle, OpenOffice developers have started a new foundation to support their work and plan to distribute a new version of the software suite called LibreOffice. This is a story that could have a "more to follow" tagline on the end of it.

7. Google updates Instant with keyboard navigation: Google continues to update its "Instant" feature, which anticipates users' search queries based on the letters they type. (We confess to a bit of geeky glee when we manage to confuse Google Instant.)

8. EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes details cyber-security plans: The E.U. plans to strengthen and modernize the agency that leads the effort there to combat cybercrime.

9. Toshiba to show no-glasses 3D TV next week: We know we're not the only ones who have been waiting for someone to unveil technology allowing us to watch 3D TV sans dumb-looking glasses.

10. 6 Facebook, Twitter mistakes that can get you fired: As social media sites continue to become integrated into our work lives, research is finding that companies increasingly have to take action against employees -- sometimes even firing them for posting with indiscretion. Even though following basic rules of decorum seems to be obvious common sense, it's just as obvious that's not the case for a lot of people.

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