Fleksy's Android Keyboard App Arrives on Google Play

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Never mind the war between Swype and SwiftKey, there's a new Android keyboard app in town that's vying to become the essential standard for typing text on your smart phone. Called Fleksy, its developers claim it is "so intuitive it can be used without even a glance at a screen." Fleksy formally exits beta today as it enters general availability for all Android phone and tablet users.

Fleksy is a hybrid input system that combines tap-based typing with screen gestures used for frequently-used characters. Rather than hit the space bar to enter a blank space, for example, users can flick the screen to the right to go on to the next word. This is especially helpful when trying to type on very small screens like those on smart watches. A shrunken version of the Fleksy keyboard can be used without having to dedicate a row of buttons for the space bar and various punctuation marks.

But Fleksy's biggest selling point is its extreme error-correction algorithm.  The app’s software analyzes where the user taps on the screen -- and in some cases can even detect and correct for taps when they miss the keyboard area entirely. Unlike many other smart phone keyboards, Fleksy does not try to guess the word you're trying to type based on the first few letters you enter. Instead, it uses the tap pattern of an entire word to attempt to piece together exactly what you were trying to write, one word at a time. For example, when tapped into a Fleksy keyboard, "Qufj" becomes "Wish." That’s smart, but not magic. You’ll notice that the “q” is right next to the “w” and the “u” is next to the “i,” and so on.

Fleksy says that this approach to error correction allows it to add languages in addition to English a lot faster than other keyboard developers. Founder Ioannis Verdelis adds that four languages are launching with the app's availability on Google Play, with 25 total languages -- including some Asian ones -- currently in development. The company also claims its foreign language keyboards are more accurate than its competitors' due to its unique algorithmic approach.

Prior to today's public launch, the company counts about 35,000 members among its early user community. It's not too late to join them. The app is currently available for free on Google Play, with a $3.99 "full" version planned for the near future. For more information about Fleksy, including videos of the keyboard in use, check out Fleksy.com.

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