15 Top Transportation Apps for Planes, Trains, and Cars

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8. Foursquare

The destination-focused social network continues its rise with an app that does more than let you keep tabs on where your friends are and win badges for completing various travel-related stunts. Foursquare is also a handy to-do list maker, letting you plan what bars and restaurants you want to visit in each city your travels take you to. Android, iPhone, and other versions are available.

Works on iPhone/Blackberry/Android/Palm

9. Kayak Mobile

Kayak gives you one-stop shopping for planes, cars, hotels, and more.
Kayak, a Website for travelers looking for bargains and exotic destinations, has developed a cultlike following--and its mobile app expands the frontier. Find a flight, a car, or a hotel with just a few flicks on your phone, and automatically sync up your trips from the Kayak Website with your handset. iPad users won't want to miss the iPad app, which lets users start planning a trip simply by dropping a pin on the map. Kayak offers versions for various platforms, including Android and iPhone.

Works on iPhone/Blackberry/Android/J2ME

10. Inrix Traffic

Green is good. Red is bad. INRIX shows you where the traffic snags are, most of the time.
When you turn Inrix on, a map of your vicinity loads, and the app drops a pin on your exact location. Inrix outlines road conditions with the familiar green, orange, and red color scheme--and clearly marks accidents and construction zones so you can scope out an escape route at a glance. Versions for Android and for iPhone are available.

Free (upgrade available for subscription fee)
Works on iPhone/Android

11. FlightTrack

FlightTrack offers real-time flight information, right down to the minute.
Where's your colleague's plane? FlightTrack offers real-time airport departure and arrival information, including both the actual take-off and landing information and the taxiing time the plane will take to get to the gate. FlightTrack details everything about a particular flight, from the aircraft type to the plane's actual airspeed in transit.Don't miss the map view, which plots the location of the plane on the globe as it zips along. Android and iPhone are among the platforms supported.

Works on iPhone/Blackberry/Android/Palm

12. GasBook

Cheap gas apps are a dime a dozen. For a buck, you can get arguably the best. GasBook plots fuel stations on a map, offers a clear and clean interface, and lets you bookmark your favorite stations for quick and easy access at a glance.

Works on iPhone

13. Trip Splitter

Cheapskates of the world, unite! If you're traveling with a bunch of reckless spendthrifts, Trip Splitter gives you a quick and easy way to divide shared expenses among the travelers fairly. You can assign entries to the group or to a subset of individuals, making it easy to track who owes what to whom once you get home. The app handles foreign currencies, too.

Works on iPhone

14. Transport Maps

No complicated explanation for this one: Transport Maps maintains a database of maps for just about every public transit system in the world. Elsewhere you can obtain interactive maps for particular transit systems--such as San Francisco's iBART and New York's KICKMap--but for one-stop shopping, Transport Maps is tough to beat.

Works on Android

15. TripIt

Trip planner TripIt stores all of your frequent-flier information in one place and organizes multiple confirmation e-mail messages and itineraries in a simple, easy-to-browse list. Need to make changes? Phone numbers are automatically linked to each destination, every step of the way. Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone versions of this app are available.

Works on iPhone/Blackberry/Android

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