Bottoms up: Distiller serves whiskey recs by the bottle


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If you’re in need of a holiday gift for the distinguished drinker in your life, or you’re just really serious about high-quality booze, whiskey is usually the way to go. But there are so many options that sometimes you just buy a bottle of the cheap-ish stuff and call it a day. Whiskey recommendation engine Distiller is a site for people who either really love liquor or really want to look cool to find out what’s worth buying.

Distiller is starting with a database of 150 bottles of whiskey with another 70 coming down the pipeline. Each bottle is reviewed by the site’s Tasting Table of judges—expert bartenders, authors, bloggers, etc. You tell the site your reason for purchasing, your price range, what flavors you like, and then Distiller tells you what to buy based on those filters.

distiller notes

Distiller makes whiskey purchases easy with detailed notes.

You can create a profile and save your faves with the site’s Top Shelf feature, and share your (digital) liquor collection on Facebook and Twitter.

Whiskey fans will probably love future features like personal note-taking about the bottles they buy and try. But a whole site devoted to whiskey recommendations seems…a little specific. So why whiskey?

“It really came down to my personal experience as a fan, an appreciator, someone looking for more and coming against a high barrier to entry—either high prices, because you don’t want to spend a ton of money buying something new, or there can be an elitist culture around whiskey that’s difficult to break through,” said Distiller cofounder Mikael Mossberg. “A lot of resources out there are outdated and not easy to navigate—whether it’s longer-form blogs or sites that aren’t mobile-friendly. We felt with this boom that’s happening in the liquor industry that there was definitely a need for innovation to make it easier.”

Mossberg doesn’t have a bar or tech background, but he comes from the music industry, where whiskey isn’t exactly an underground beverage.

After Distiller builds up its whiskey database, it plans to add different types of liquor and roll out an iOS app for on-the-go booze-buying.

As for his own whiskey recommendations, Mossberg said fans can’t go wrong with W.L. Weller 12 Year or Antique 107. Distiller has distilled its holiday whiskey choices in a handy infographic:

distiller guide

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